AZIMUT Hotels invites you to the annual event Market Place 2019



On March 11, representatives of all the hotels of AZIMUT chain in Russia will meet with business partners in AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow to discuss cooperation issues and get feedback.

At such meetings, AZIMUT corporate customers, travel agencies and all interested parties can personally communicate with the managers of regional hotels of the chain and learn more about the features of each AZIMUT Hotels facility. Part of the event will be a presentation about the cities of the network’s presence, as well as an evening cocktail on the 20th floor of the AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow.

The main theme of the event are travels through Russia turning into bright and pleasant memories with AZIMUT Hotels. By opening its facilities in different regions of the country, the company strives to harmoniously combination of uniform standards of service and a unique national flavor. Due to this, even a short business trip lets feel the unique atmosphere of each city.

Another important topic of AZIMUT Market Place 2019 is the gastronomic map of Russia. Every region of our country has its own culinary specialties, and you can always try these local dishes in AZIMUT Hotels. Some masterpieces of national cuisines from different regions will be offered to guests.

 Maxim Brodovsky, General Director of AZIMUT Hotels:
“We believe that the aim of the hospitality industry is much more than simply providing accommodation. To the best of our abilities, we want to show national, architectural and culinary diversity of Russia and to contribute to the development of domestic tourism and the popularization of Russia's tourist regions.

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