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Management Contracts

Management and franchise contracts today are the major business directions for AZIMUT Hotels.

AZIMUT Hotels is a hotel operator providing services to hotel owners of design, under construction or existing hotel facilities. Depending on the status (project or operating hotel) and condition of the object, our services might include technical support at the stage of design and construction, financial planning, start-up or rebranding, training key staff, standards provision for operating departments and so on.

Technical support:

  • Pre-design works
  • Design works
  • Construction and equipping, preparation to commissioning.


  1. Pre-opening, opening and/or rebranding
  2. Full operational management
  • Management of rooms
  • Management of F&B
  • Management of conference function
  • Management of all additional services of the object (including possible renting out of spaces)
  • HR management and regular trainings for employees of the main departments
  • Assistance in IT and management systems
  • Inclusion into all centralized business processes (centralized financial center, centralized call-center, purchasing and etc.)
  • Sales and e-commerce
  • Maintenance
  • Security.

Franchise contract:

  • Primary training / staff certification and standards devolution
  • The annual audit of the services quality for all operating departments (including trainings for relevant departments)
  • Accession to all central business processes (integral financial center, call center, purchases, loyalty program, etc.)
  • Sales / marketing / e-commerce.

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