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Yakutsk and the Republic of Sakha

Welcome to the Republic of Sakha, a territory of rare beauty and innumerable natural riches, where people love their homeland, worship their ancestors and hold customs and sacred traditions.

In Yakutia there are dense taiga forests, vast tundra expanses, gray mountain peaks, picturesque cliffs and waterfalls, high-water rivers, blue lakes, clean air, rich flora and fauna. Coming here on a business trip, do not miss the opportunity to meet the unique nature and get an unforgettable experience that you want to share with friends!

At any time of the year there is something interesting: summer cruises along the Lena River, hiking and horseback riding, outdoor activities, river rafting, fishing and, of course, the spiritual wealth of the Sakha people - Ysyakh national holiday. The Yakut winter gives many opportunities to extreme sport lovers: it’s torres on reindeer and dog teams, expeditions to places fascinating with grandeur and beauty, the famous ice fishing.

In AZIMUT Hotel Yakutsk you can book excursions or transfer to interesting places.

What to see in Yakutsk

Treasury of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The exhibition “Treasury of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” demonstrates a unique collection of nuggets of gold, platinum, silver, large natural diamonds, beautiful works of Yakut craftsmen - jewelers, cutters, bone and stone carvers.
Address: Yakutsk, st. Kirova, 12. +7 (4112) 42 52 90

Atlasov Manor
Ethnocomplex "Atlas Manor". Culture, life, traditions, national cuisine, history of the peoples of the North. Here you can take part in real Yakut rituals, get a blessing, get acquainted closely with the mystical culture of the peoples of the North.
Address: Vilyui tract 6 km., 6+7 (984) 102 44 47

The World of Permafrost

"The World of Permafrost” is a unique tourist complex, which is a huge non-melting glacier inside the mountain with museums and attractions. The complex is located in Yakutsk at 5 km of the Vilyui tract and is open year-round. The temperature in the glacier does not exceed -15 in winter and -6 in summer. 
The complex houses the throne room of the lord of the cold Chyskhan, ice sculptures created by the best masters of Yakutia, a ceremonial hall, an ice bar.

Address: Yakutsk, Mount Chochur Muran, 7 km, +7 (914) 2 727 110

Mammoth Museum

The largest collection of the remains of ancient animals of the mammoth fauna. The history of findings, permafrost and steps to cloning of mammoth.

Address: Yakutsk, Kulakovsky str, 48 +7 (4112) 36 16 47 

Homus Museum

The homus museum has a unique collection of relict music folk instruments from around the world from 43 countries.

Adress: Yakutsk, Kirova, 31 +7 (4112) 36 17 92

Virtual Museum Tour

Chochur Muran

Ethnic complex "Chochur Muran" is a place where visitors of all ages find something interesting. Restaurant of national cuisine, colorful decoration, mini-zoo, nursery of Yakut huskies, dog sledding.

Address: Vilyui tract 7 km. 5, +7 (924) 661 61 00

Norway Park

The famous Norway park got to Yakutia! All kind of tracks from light to impassable are waiting for you near Yakutsk in the vicinity of Tabaga village (50 minutes & nbsp; from the city). Try your hand at various tracks, and if you decide, come to Yakutia in the early spring and try to pass them by -25 C.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00-20:00.

Adress:+79148-242-944, Tabaginsky cape 3


Sights of Yakutia

Natural Park "Lena Pillars"

A unique creation of nature with diverse landscapes of stunning beauty. Sheer stone cliffs up to 200 m high and 40 km long along the right bank of the Lena River.

How to get there : In summer period, you can get to Lena Pillars in two ways: The first and most common is buying tickets for the ship. You will have an unforgettable three-day adventure on the Lena River on comfortable and safe motor ships Mikhail Svetlov or Demyan Bedniy. Another way is to get by car or bus to the village of Elanka (160 km from the city of Yakutsk, about 3 hours on the way), then to rent a boat to Lena Pillars with an escort (1,5 hours on the river). In winter, only the automobile way is available - before reaching Elanka, it will be necessary to go down to the winter road. You will find several hours of travel on the crystal clear ice of the river - an unforgettable experience!

Bulus Glacier

A unique place where you can walk barefoot on dazzling ice in the summer, and in winter, even in severe frosts, outcrops of water appear on the surface of blue ice, which spreads over the surface and freezes.

How to get there: 

You can get there by car from Yakutsk. Approximate travel time 4 hours.

Need help with transfer and excursion organization? Contact the AZIMUT Yakutsk staff!