Pet Friendly AZIMUT Hotel Voronezh

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Pet Friendly

AZIMUT Hotel Voronezh has accomplished the adaptation project for the services for tourists, traveling with pets, and has become the participant of the Pet Friendly Hotels program.

✔ Decorative and service dogs up to 50 cm high withers are allowed to stay.

✔ Please, bring a valid pet certificate from the veterinarian with a note on all vaccinations

✔ We will appreciate if you bring a rug or a cage for your pet (that he or she loves most of all), dishes for food and a litter box.

✔ We want your pets to stay at the hotel for free. But when you leave, we do deep cleaning with special treatment, which is paid for separately. The cost depends on the room category:
SMART Standard - 500 rubles/day

We kindly ask you to follow our simple rules of rest with a pet in AZIMUT Hotel Voronezh:

✔ We appreciate when you feed your pets from their favorite dishes that you bring with you. We have bought the hotel crockery for our two-legged guests.

✔ We kindly ask that you do not leave your pets unattended in the room, lobby or in the hotel territory - we do not want them to feel lonely.

✔We appreciate that you do not wash pets in the bathroom or shower of the room and do not wipe them with towels, bed sheets and hotel linens. Let the pets have everything they need for beauty routines.

✔ We appreciate when you walk your pets outside the hotel territory. So the territory always remains clean and beautiful for you and other guests.

We have strong hopes that these items do not affect you, but you must know them:

✔ We will ask you to additionally pay for damages to other guests or hotel staff and damage of the hotel property by your pet, if that happens.

✔ We will not be able to allow your pet in our hotel if it behaves aggressively towards the guests and the hotel staff.

In the commentary to the reservation, please, specify, what kind of pet you have and how much it weighs, so that we can prepare :)

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us:

AZIMUT Hotel Voronezh 
Тел.: 8 800 200 00 48