Weddings AZIMUT Hotel Ufa ★★★★

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A special, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony is what the bridal couple dreams of and so do, undoubtedly, their guests. Every detail is important: the preparation process itself with the sweet anticipation of the great event, stunning décor of the festive space and an elegant menu, a suite for the newlyweds and an exclusive wedding cake. Trust the arrangements for your event the experts at the AZIMUT Hotel Ufa, so that you can only savor the great moment of your life. What’s most important is love, and we shall take care of all the rest!

Our advantages:
  • convenient location on the main thoroughfare
  • large parking lot
  • separate entrance to each hall
  • air conditioners, general air conditioning system
  • professional team of event organizers and high level of service
Services for you:
  • Option for onsite marriage registration at the park area of the hotel
  • Free bridal room with banquet booking
  • An option for ordering a cake with individual design
  • Newlyweds suite
  • Private banquet manager
  • Buffet table for arriving guests
  • Champagne cascade
  • Live music
Banquet halls:

Rossiya hall is a large and spacious space with high ceilings and modern design, and it is very suitable for a large-scale event with up to 200 guests. The room has a convenient open buffet area for organizing coffee breaks plus a video wall for presentations and sound reinforcement system. Chairs and tables are designed in beige and white. There is a special dedicated entrance for guests and a large parking lot.

Capacity: up to 200 guests

Assambleya Hall is a spacious hall in white and pink hues for festive celebrations with up to 100 guests. There is a video projector here with a screen plus the hall has a separate entrance.

Capacity: up to 100 guests

Summit Hall is a transformer hall with moveable walls, and it is conceived in white hues for festive celebrations. Guests may enjoy their aperitifs in the additional open-buffet area with leather sofas in the hallway.

Capacity: up to 70 guests

Azimut Hall is a location for a small-scale wedding, it has a panoramic view towards the park and is designed in white. There is a screen and a video projector here.

Capacity: up to 25 guests