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Secret Moscow places guide

Even the people, who have never been to Moscow, know which places in the capital are worth seeing. No doubt, the Kremlin and the Red Square, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Ostankino Tower, VDNKh and the City of Moscow are the true symbols of the city and that is why they are must-see. We will tell you about less famous sights and attractions, which are not so much popular with the city’s guests, but are also very interesting.

Parks and recreations


The natural landscape park in the very heart of Moscow is just one year old, but it is becoming more and more popular. Its advantages are the favorable location (just 100 meters from the Red Square) and the abundance of different interesting objects not far from each other. The zones with rich Russian nature neighbors on the educational and entertaining areas. Among them are the Ice Cave, the Underground Archeological Museum, the Nature center, and, of course, the Floating Bridge. The observation deck of the bridge is located over the Moskva River and this is the place, where you can enjoy the best Kremlin view in the city.

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Zariadie has its own gastronomical center where the guests can taste the various dishes of the Russian cuisine: borscht and fish soup ukha, red rockfish with pepper sauce and Rostov crayfish, flank steak and quails soaked in honey with cowberries, pelmenis and Crepes (blini) with rabbit and smoked pork, kulebyakas and ossetian pies, rum balls and “ptichye moloko” pastry. Besides all these delicious food, you can buy a sandwich take away and take a snack in the park.

The nearest Metro stations: Kitay-Gorod, Okhotny Ryad
Working hours: Mn: 14:00-21:00, Tue-Sun: 10:00-21:00


This is the name of the country estate of the Sheremetev family, located in the east of Moscow. There are several beautiful buildings of the XVIII century in its territory: the main is the Large Palace.

That is a perfect place to have a walk in the park, to feed the squirrels, and to enjoy the classical architecture.

The nearest Metro station: Ryazanskiy Prospekt
Working hours: park – 10:00-20:00, museums – check the site.

Serebryany Bor

The unique park-island within the city boundaries with the special nature zone. Except the wonderful wild nature, here is one of the best beaches in Moscow. Because the park is the secure area, the entrance by the car is limited, but you can leave the car on the parking. There is no problem with entering on foot or by bicycle.

Serebryeny Bor is a convenient place to get a breath of fresh air without leaving Moscow.

The nearest Metro stations: Polezhaevskaya, MCC Khoroshyovo (further by public transport)
Working hours: 24/7

Golovinsky ponds

There is a park and recreation area around the cognominal ponds in the North of Moscow. You can walk the numerous alleys around the ponds, pass the time in the special summerhouses, and ride a bicycle on the separate paths. Those, who love architecture, will enjoy several buildings left from the time, when there was the Mikhalkovo country estate here.

The nearest Metro stations: Vodny Stadion, MCC Koptevo
Working hours: 24/7


The large palace and garden complex on the South-West of Moscow is a unique example of Russian Gothic style. There is the abundance of different constructions – the Big Emperor’s Palace, ingenious bridges, pavilions, gates and arcs in the complex. Moreover, there is the beautiful cascade of the Tsaritsyno ponds with several natural and one artificial islands – with the musical fountain on it.

The Tsaritsyno complex is a must-see for all the Moscow guests – its size and beauty are quite comparable with the Saint Petersburg’s Petergof.

The nearest Metro stations: Tsaritsyno
Working hours: park: 6:00 - 00:00, museums - check on the site.


Historical center of Moscow

It is believed, that the capital’s architecture is not as original and stylish as, for example, in Saint Petersburg. Although, there are some places in Moscow, where you can enjoy the historic development and which are perfect for a relaxed walk. If you prefer something like that, you must visit the Basmanny district of the city, Maroseyka and Pokrovka streets and Chistoprudny Boulevard. These streets consist of the neat low-rise buildings, although some of them are quite exquisite (for example the house in Maroseyka Street 17/6).

The district is worth visiting not only at daytime but also in the evening, when it is especially charming with the evening illumination.

The nearest Metro stations: Kitay-gorod, Chistye prudy
Working hours: 24/7

"Oruzheyniy" business center

The most monumental and ambiguous building in our list is the business-center “Oruzheyniy” situated in the Garden Ring Road. The building was an uncompleted construction project for a long time, but it was finished by the 2016. Now there are offices of the big Russian companies in the building. The business center is illuminated in the evening and the spire is highlighted with different colours.

Owing to the size and the bright highlighting of the spire, the house in the Oruzheynaya Lane is seen from any point in the center of Moscow.

The nearest Metro station: Mayakovskaya
Working hours: 24/7

The Danilovskaya Manufactory, the Arma, the Novospassky Yard

All these spaces have the same background and conception. Initially they were built in the XIX century for the industrial needs: the Arma was the largest gas-works in the capital, the Danilovskaya and the Novospassky were the weaving plants. However, the time has changed and the necessity in manufacturing became irrelevant. Now the Danilovskaya Manufactory, the Arma and the Novospassky Yard are the modern business quarters in the popular loft-style. Their hallmark is the careful attitude towards the buildings with more than a hundred of year’s history that is why these places are suitable for excursions. There is the minimalistic illumination in the evening creating the romantic mood of the visitors.

Novospassky Yard

The Novospassky is a business quarter with the comfortable infrastructure built up instead of Tsindel’s cotton printing manufacture. Apart from the offices inside the units of the former factory, there are many interesting objects in the territory – the fountain, the brick chimney of the former boiler-house, stylish graffiti on the walls and the other art-objects. In addition, there is the museum of the Russian Realistic Art in the quarter.

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The nearest Metro station: Paveletskaya
Working hours: 24/7


The Arma is the stylish art space instead of the former gas-works, where the offices of the representatives of different art professions are situated. Apart from the typical for that epoch red brick buildings, this quarter is known for the unique huge gas storage vessels, which were formerly used for keeping the gas inside. Now there are the working areas inside of them.

The nearest Metro station: Kurskaya
Working hours: 24/7

The White Square business center

It is the stylish business center located not far from the Belorussky railway station. The futuristic office buildings and the modern urbanistic traditions are blended with the classical architecture of the Old Believer’s church built more than 100 of years ago. As a result, that is a filmable place, which you cannot leave without several shots.

The nearest Metro station: Belorusskaya
Working hours: 24/7

Other attractions

Zhivopisniy bridge

Without exaggeration it can be said, that it is the most beautiful bridge in Moscow. It is situated near the already mentioned Serebryany Bor in the western part of the city. This bridge was built just 10 years ago and since that time, the citizens and the guests of Moscow love it. Also, the Zhivopisniy Bridge is the highest cable-stayed bridge in Moscow (105 meters).

The nearest Metro station: Polezhaevskaya, MCC Khoroshovo (further - on the public transport)
Working hours: 24/7

Moscow City View Points

Everybody knows about the capital’s business quarter Moscow City with its skyscrapers. In one of the towers of the complex (“The Federation”), there is the highest viewpoint in Europe. From the viewpoint, the visitors are able to admire the panoramic view of Moscow from the 360 meters height. You can check the details about the working hours and the price on the site.

The other observation deck is situated on the roof of neighboring building skyscraper - OKO Tower.

The nearest Metro station: Vystavochnaya
Working hours: 10:00-22:00

The View Point of the Central Children’s Shop

This viewpoint is not as well-known, as the viewpoint in Moscow City or Ostankino, but it is an interesting place also. It is situated on the roof of the legendary Children’s Shop in the Lubyanka Street. Although the viewpoint in not very high, one can admire the magnificent views of the Kremlin, the historical center and the high-rise building in the Kotelniki Embankment. The urban area can be viewed in details with the help of the telescopes installed here. By the way, the entrance is free of charge.

Besides, there is one of the world’s largest mechanical clock in the Children’s Shop (more than 5 tons of weight) and the world’s biggest LEGO figure. In addition, there is the only official FIFA 2018 shop in Moscow in the Children’s Shop.

The nearest Metro station: Lubyanka
Working hours: 10:00-21:30

Moscow monorail

Originally, it was established as one more type of public transport in Moscow, but now it is used only for excursions. The monorail in the capital is the only one in Russia; it consists of 6 stations and 1 line little bit longer than 4 km. Now when there is not any final decision of the capital’s government whether to leave the monorail as it is or to create the over ground park there, we have a chance to take an excursion ride by monorail around VDNKh and observe its sights from a distance.

The monorail trains depart every half hour ( timetable).

The nearest Metro station: VDNKh - Timiryazevskaya
Working hours: 08:00-20:00