Sauna complex AZIMUT Hotel Suzdal ★★★★

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Sauna complex

The AZIMUT Hotel Suzdal pride is a unique bath complex consisting of 11 Russian baths which are heated with birch wood.

Types of bathshouses:

  • Merchant bath
  • Country bath
  • Salt bath
  • Peasant bath
  • Altai bath
  • Taiga bath
  • Royal and Noble baths
  • Boyar bath
  • Siberian steam bath
  • Bath in black
  • Guests are provided with everything necessary for bathshouses:

  • Free: towels, sheets.
  • For extra fee: steam bath assistance, herbal teas with local honey, fluffy brooms (oak, birch, juniper) collected in accordance with all the rules of the Russian bath.
  • SPA:

  • Russian steam
  • Steam on hay
  • Honey steam
  • Taiga steaming in contrast
  • Complex milk steaming
  • Steaming with the use of juniper broom in contrast
  • Royal care
  • Beer barrel
  • Grass barrel
  • Soap massage with birch broom
  • Coffee peeling
  • Honey-salt peeling
  • Honey massage
  • Juniper inhalation in the steam room