AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow ★★★★

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Smart breakfast in SMART-Hotel

Breakfast at the hotel is an excellent occasion to start the day quick and tasty, even if you are in a hurry to a meeting or an excursion.
Every day we prepare breakfasts by European recipes so you can find a healthy dish to your taste.

Buffet Breakfast includes:
  • Breakfast cereals and toppings
  • More than 5 types of dairy products
  • Cheese, meat and fish cuts
  • Sweet pastry from our bakery
  • Hot dishes with traditional side dishes

If you are a vegetarian or follow a diet, you will always find fresh fruits ,vegetables and a rich selection of healthy cereals.

We are waiting for you every morning at AVENUE restaurant from 6:30 a.m. until 11 a.m.

If you do not want to get up early or wish to please your loved ones, order Room Service. We'll bring breakfast to bed during 45 minutes.

Restaurant AVENUE

Only all natural, fresh ingredients and well-known recipes will appear in a new and original form in AVENUE Restaurant. A trendy interior design following the concept of the SMART hotel will finish off the picture. When you come to the AVENUE restaurant in the mornings, you will be able to savor the large variety of hot plates, snacks and freshly-baked goods that are available in the Open Buffet format.

  • Location: 4th floor
  • Open hours:
    • Open Buffet breakfast: 6:30 – 11 a.m.
    • A la carte service: noon – 11 p.m.

#SIBIRSIBIR Restaurant

#SIBIRSIBIR – restaurant of modern and traditional cuisine of Siberia. Restaurateur – Denis Ivanov, owner of the Golden Palm branch for the restaurant "SibirSibir" in Novosibirsk – the best restaurant project in Russia.
Opening: February 2018.

Ramen-Izakaya-Bar KU

Ramen-Izakaya-Bar KU opens a stunning panoramic view of the famous Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation building.

The basis of the menu is made up of several types of traditional Japanese soup ramen and snacks in the Izaka format. Here you can try five types of soup-ramen. Ramen noodles are cooked on an apparatus specially brought from Japan.

Ramen master Mitsuo Takahashi, specially invited from Japan to Moscow, and the KU chef Andrew Chetvertnov are responsible for the gastronomic concept.

  • Location: 1st floor
  • Open hours: 12:00pm – 12:00am
  • Average check: 1 200 rub.

Lobby Bar

Fragrant coffee, freshly-made sandwiches and light snacks served in a home environment will ideally complement a positive discussion. If you missed your breakfast or simply want to have a bite to eat, choose light snack at Grab & Go.

  • Location: 4th floor
  • Open hours: 24/7

Room service

Order a la carte plates of European and Russian cuisine via room service at any time.

  • Open hours: 24/7

Sakhalin Restaurant

"Sakhalin" is a south-eastern seas fish restaurant. The menu is based on shells, crabs, shrimp and fish. Restaurateur – Boris Zarkov, the founder of the White Rabbit Family, which includes gourmet restaurants in Moscow, Sochi and Astana.
Location: 21-22 floors
Opening: April 2018.

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