Wellness-club AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl ★★★★

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Sauna complex

Visit our SPA complex and relax, strengthen your immune system and get rid of toxins. Enjoy the views of the surrounding nature due to transparent sauna walls.
Our spa center has 3 saunas:
- Finnish sauna: for detox and improving of blood circulation,
- Laconium: for better metabolism and anti-stress,
- Aroma sauna: for effectiveness of beauty treatments.
The snow room is ideal for completing spa rituals.
To make your bath day perfect, while visiting the spa, visit our massage room!

SPA-cottages for rent

If you come with a big company and want to have a sauna day, we recommend you to rent a spa cottage! Here you will not meet other hotel guests and can get deeper relaxation. Capacity of a cottage is up to 10 people.
You can book a spa cottage at the reception desk or in advance by phone +7 (48535) 6 70 00 or

In each of the four SPA-cottages there are:
  • Finnish sauna with hammam or Russian bath,
  • Hot font for salt procedures, 
  • Russian shower, 
  • Rest zone, 
  • Procedure room
  • Kitchen

CHARME D’ORIENT treatments

Spa treatments with exquisite aromas of the East, valuable components of natural origin and the atmosphere of the Sultan's palace.
Cleansing, maintaining the beautiful and youth skin, deep relaxation and a sense of celebration are guaranteed.

FABBRIMARINE thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy recreates the health effects of the sea, algae, climate and diet, even thousands of kilometers from the coast.
The basis of thalassotherapy is algal and mud wraps, sea baths and inhalations. These treatments are perfectly combined with massage, apparatus and bath procedures. Therefore, we combine them in our complex spa programs.
In our center we use for spa-treatments FABBRI COSMETICA, the leading global brand in the field of thalassotherapy. 

Skin rejuvenation and body shaping with the ICOONE LASER

ICOONE LASER provides both a lymphatic drainage and skin anti-aging effect.The device works on a basis of the patented technology of multi-micro-alveolar stimulation (MMS).