Bakery confectionary AZIMUT Hotel Olympic Moscow ★★★★

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Bakery confectionary

For more than 25 years there is the confectionary Bakery in the AZIMUT Hotel Olympic Moscow. It appeared immediately after the Olympic Penta was opened in 1991 and, till the present day, it continues to make the guests happy. The founder and the encourager of the shop was the famous French pastry chef Jan-Pierre Glesor, the member of the guild of the world’s best confectioners.

It was Jan-Pierre, who introduced new ideas and recipes to the product range of the Bakery, and many of them are still in use. The excellent quality of the cakes, bakery food and pastry made the confectionary popular among the visitors, who became the loyal customers.

Trust of the loyal customers is one of the main achievements of the confectionary. We are happy to offer our visitors the wide range of our best cakes and pastry, and also cakes to order suited to every fancy.

You may get acquainted with the entire selection of the Bakery products on the official site.

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