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Come to Novosibirsk for 2 nights from Friday to Sunday and get a discount on accommodation and other bonuses!

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AZIMUT Hotel Siberia
AZIMUT Hotel Siberia
22.27 night
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  • 5 minutes' drive from the railway station, 30 minutes from the airport
  • Banqueting and conference rooms
  • Handmade cakes to order
  • Wedding celebrations hosted
  • Free parking

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Book early – 15% off!
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    5 interesting sites in Novosibirsk

    Opera and Ballet Theater

    Opera and Ballet Theater is the best-known theater of Novosibirsk featuring not only finely selected production, but also great architecture. Impressive to look at, it embodies the essence of Russian culture. Even staying inside makes one unwittingly partake of the world of art. On this stage you can see both world opera masterpieces, such as Karmen, La Traviata, Tosca, and the famous Russian ballet. Beside classical productions the theater has been supporting modern art plus one can often experience popular works staged in a new adaptation. The Opera and Ballet Theater is located downtown, within 10 minutes’ walk from the AZIMUT Hotel Siberia.

    Novosibirsk Zoo

    One of the largest zoos in Russia, it has one the greatest global collections of such animal families as the Mustelidae (weasel) and the Felinae (cats). Locals are justifiably proud of their zoo which is a favorite place for their promenades. Cages for animals will immediately catch visitors’ attention: it is obvious that they were designed to replicate to a certain degree the natural habitat of various animals. It is possible to get to see such unique animals here as a liger (an offspring of a tiger and a lioness), white tiger, ostriches, peacocks and many others. You can reach the zoo on a bus departing from AZIMUT Hotel Siberia.

    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    It is one of the most beautiful church buildings in Novosibirsk. Its history dates back to the foundation of the city at the close of the 19th century, and it was one of its first stone buildings. The cathedral may be of interest both for the worshippers and for non-believers who can admire it architecture. It is located in downtown, within 30 minutes’ walk from the AZIMUT Hotel Siberia.

    GLOBUS Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater

    This rather interesting theater with a diversified repertoire has its home in a building that reminds one of a sailing ship. It is one of the oldest theaters in Novosibirsk. Both adults and children will appreciate a visit to Globus. One can find here both classical and modern productions which touch anyone’s feelings. It is located in downtown, within 20 minutes’ walk from the AZIMUT Hotel Siberia.

    Local History and Lore Museum

    The museum is of interest to history buffs, because they will discover here the full story of Novosibirsk. Besides, this museum hosts regularly all kinds of exhibitions which are not necessarily related to history, so when visiting the museum you will not only find out more about the city’s history, but also learn something new from the world of art.

    Tips and tricks to find a best hotel in Novosibirsk

    Novosibirsk is the largest business and cultural center of Siberia. The city entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the city-millionaire with the most rapid growth. Its population reached 1 million inhabitants during 70 years, while New York needed for it 250 years, Moscow – 700 years and Kiev – 900 years. Shenzhen in China is growing much faster, but its population reached the million mark later than the population of Novosibirsk.

    Novosibirsk is the third city of Russia by area after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Therefore, if you have to travel to this city, it is important to choose a conveniently located hotel in Novosibirsk with reasonable prices.

    Business trip to Novosibirsk

    Hotel AZIMUT Hotel Siberia (Novosibirsk) 3* will provide you with everything you need for work and relaxation during a business trip to Novosibirsk. We offer the guests of Novosibirsk accommodation with breakfast or half-board.

    The hotel is located in the center of Novosibirsk, a 5-minutes’ drive from the main railway station and half an hour drive from the airport. There are about 6 km to the Novosibirsk Expocentre, while the city center and the Opera and Ballet Theatre  which is the largest in the Russia is only 1 km from the hotel.

    In 1990, Russia's first computer Fidonet network was created in Novosibirsk. Nowadays technology stepped much forward, and AZIMUT Hotel Siberia offers a free Wi-Fi access hotel-wide.

    This hotel is suitable for organizing a conference in Novosibirsk as well as for business meetings and round tables. There are meeting facilities of different sizes with modern audio-visual equipment and catering here.

    Attractions of Novosibirsk 

    Choosing our hotel in the center of Novosibirsk, you get the time to see the sights of the city even during a short trip. Among them, are the Novosibirsk metro bridge across the Ob River known as the longest in the world (2145 m), the second largest in Russia Zoo and the largest Planetarium of the Urals.

    Near the River Station in Novosibirsk you can see an unusual monument, one of the first farm of the railway bridge over the Ob. Over this bridge once began the movement of the trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway, a unique railway connecting Moscow and Vladivostok.

    Novosibirsk is one of the "smartest" cities of Russia. In 1912 in the city called Novonikolayevsk at that moment, was introduced universal primary education for the first time in Russia. During the times of Soviet Union on its territory was created Akademgorodok. According to the Guinness World Records book, here is situated the world's most intelligent street - Prospect of Academician Lavrentiev: along the length of 2.4 km there are nearly two dozen of academic institutions.

    If you interesting for the local cuisine, we invite you to the Festival of Siberian dumplings!

    On our website, we are pleased to offer you accommodation in AZIMUT hotels at the best price of the day and a variety of special offers. Travel to Russia and stay in its main business and tourist cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Ufa and Vladivostok, Sochi and Murmansk.