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7000 a 3 days
till 27/12/17
Family Weekend
in Kostroma

Weekend for a family of three people in Kostroma - only 7000 rubles for 3 days!

Accommodation 13/05/17 - 30/12/17

Weekend for a family of three people in Kostroma - only 7000 rubles for 3 days!

15% off
till 31/12/17
Book early – 15% off!

Book your stay at the AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 7 days before your arrival or earlier with a 15% discount

Accommodation 01/12/16 - 31/12/17

Book your stay at the AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 7 days before your arrival or earlier with a 15% discount

AZIMUT Hotels in Kostroma

AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma ★★★
AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma
30.26 night
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  • The feel of a family hotel, cottages and bungalows
  • Old-style wooden Russian bath house
  • The hotel has extensive parkland
  • AZIMUT Sport: cycling, badminton and skating
  • Banqueting and conference rooms
  • Tours organised
  • Parking

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Book Your Family Weekend in Kostroma
7000 a 3 days
from 13/05 to 30/12/17
Weekend for a family of three people in Kostroma - only 7000 rubles for 3 days!
Book early – 10% off!
till 31/12/17
15% off
from 01/12 to 31/12/17
Book your stay at the AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 7 days before your arrival or earlier with a 15% discount
A hot bath day in Kostroma from 4500 RUR
from 4500 a night
from 31/12 to 31/12/17
Book the Superior room at the rate of 4500 RUR per night and enjoy hot bath delights observing old traditions!

AZIMUT Hotels in Kostroma


    5 interesting places to visit in Kostroma

    Ipatiev Monastery

    The history of this age-old cloister is intertwined closely with the fortunes of two of the most influential and powerful boyar families in Russia. The Ipatiev Monastery had been for a long time under the patronage of the Godunovs, but, in an incredible twist of fortune, it provided shelter to young boyar Mikhail, one of the Romanovs who were the main rivals of the Godunovs in the struggle for the Russian throne. Soon after Mikhail Romanov was named the Tsar of Russia right there, within the walls of the Ipatiev Cloister, which entitled it to be regarded as “the cradle of the Romanov dynasty”. Today the monastery attracts tourists from all over Russia who admire the beauty of its white-stone walls, rich history as well as collections of rare and unique exhibit items that were preserved here since the 16th century.

    Theophany Convent

    This monastery was founded by holy man Nikita, who was a disciple and the closest follower of St. Sergius of Radonezh. A large number of myrrh-streaming icons are preserved here, and one of them is the grand holy relic of the city: the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God. This miracle-working icon has been worshipped in the Kostroma Land since long ago. It is also considered to be the protector and patron of the Romanov dynasty, since the young Mikhail Romanov was blessed with this icon when entering the throne.

    Church of the Resurrection

    This unique architectural monument of the 17th century grabs anyone’s attention due to an interesting story related to its construction. An old legend preserved in Kostroma says that this church was built with the finances of one merchant from Kostroma under following circumstances. He was trading with England by exchanging a barrel with gold coins for a barrel with paint. Once it so happened that he received from England not only the paint barrels that he ordered, but also his own barrel with the gold coins. Realizing that his counterpart made a mistake, he wrote a letter to his English partner stating this fact and promising that he would return the coins with the first available opportunity. Amazed at such an honest stance, the Englishman magnanimously asked the Russian to keep it as a present. The merchant from Kostroma, however, decided that he should not spend it for his needs, but ordered a church to be built. To commemorate the generosity of the Brit the gates of the church are still adorned with images of the Lion and the Unicorn, that is symbols of the British royalty.

    Alley of Recognition

    This alley located in downtown has memorial plaques in its flagstones with the names of those who devoted their lives to this city as well as with the names famous persons who were born and grew up in Kostroma. The alley features three of the most beautiful buildings in town. One is the Romanov Museum which was built on the occasion of celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in 1913 in Kostroma. Another is the Nobility Assembly, a place where the Kostroma nobility used to hold its general meetings and where much-favored balls occurred. The third is the A. N. Ostrovsky Drama Theater that was built to honor the great Russian playwright whose ancestors had lived forever in the Kostroma Land.

    Sumarokovo Moose farm

    This is a one-of-a-kind nature reserve 20 km away from Kostroma. Tourists may visit the farm any time around the year. Anyone is welcome to take pictures with the moose, offer them carrots, buy souvenirs and, in the period between May and September, taste moose milk and adore the little moose calves.

    Kostroma is a friendly town on the Volga and a part of the tourist route "Golden Ring of Russia“. Like Moscow it was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky in the 12th century. You can find a cheap hotel in Kostroma and enjoy a splendid holiday in this town.

    Vacation in the heart of the Russian province

    We advise you to book a hotel in Kostroma for a few nights to have enough time for exploring the city and its surroundings. You will walk along the embankment of the Volga with a view of the forests on the opponent bank of the river (Russian national hero Ivan Susanin trapped the enemies to one of the local marshes) and admire the historic central square of Kostroma. You should visit the Ipatiev Monastery, where at the beginning of the 17th was elected a new tsar of Russia Mikhail Romanov.

    You can get to Kostroma by train or by bus starting from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Vologda, Yaroslavl and other cities in the center and north-west of Russia. There are flights from Petersburg to Kostroma. Surely, it's worth to come here by car enjoying scenic views on the way. In this case it is better to choose a hotel with guarded parking that is offered by AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 3*

    Family holiday in Kostroma

    Staying in a family hotel AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 3* you can learn the rich history and view the ancient architecture of the city as well as the unique nature of the Volga expanses. In Kostroma and its surroundings you also will find a plenty of attractions for the whole family. The most famous of them are the House of the Snow Maiden on the bank of the Volga River, the museum of wooden architecture "Kostromskaya Sloboda", which represents the art of Russian craftsmen and way of life of our ancestors, the unique elk farm near the town, where you can feed the elks all the year round and admire the small elks in the summer. In the city of Kostroma takes place a large number of ethnic festivals and thematic presentations. You can book excursions or horse rides at the concierge of the hotel AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 3 *.

    SPA-Hotel in Kostroma

    If you are looking for a budget spa-hotel in Kostroma offering spa treatments, we advise you to stay at AZIMUT Hotel Kostroma 3*. This eco-friendly hotel on the outskirts of Kostroma possesses numerous possibilities of outdoor recreation and sports. Its main pride is a unique complex of Russian hot baths created according to old traditions. Optionally, you can combine the rest in a country hotel of Kostroma with a visit to one of the city's beauty salons. The stuff of AZIMUT can consult you on the prices and arrange an appointment.

     Russia is so vast! Enjoy a relaxing break in the heart of Russian province and then visit our hotels in subtropical Sochi, polar Murmansk and picturesque Vladivostok. In order to save on a journey to Russia, you can use our special offers.