MainAZIMUT Hotels — SMART-concept

In 2012 a team from AZIMUT Hotels in collaboration with a Berlin architectural firm developed a new design concept to meet the requirements of today’s Russian and foreign travelers. This concept was given the designation SMART because of its stylish and understated designs and the “intelligent” use of limited space. The AZIMUT Hotels team brought its many years of experience in the hospitality industry to bear on this design.

SMART Design

The basic idea was to make a fully functional room that would have everything that today’s guests might need: a place to relax and a work area with good ergonomics. It would have an understated design consisting of harmonious shapes, neutral colors, and a straightforward geometric layout. Every detail of the design would contribute to the guest’s comfortable stay in an inviting atmosphere. And so the SMART Room and SMART Living Lobby came about.

Multi-tasking Staff

AZIMUT Hotels is introducing a new concept that expands the functions of its frontline staff working at the reception desk and with guest accommodations. The idea behind this innovation is to combine the tasks of the reception personnel with those of the restaurant staff: they will make coffee, tea, and cocktails ordered by guests, sell snacks, and tend tables in the lobby. This will reduce expenses for the company and allow it to maintain its policy of affordable prices while providing a high level of service.
The changeover to the new concept for hospitality will use staff more efficiently and at the same time enhance the comfort of our guests by making them feel well cared for.

At present the SMART concept is already in place in six hotels in the chain: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ufa, Voronezh, Murmansk and Vladivostok. The concept has been tried out by guests and has received very favorable comment from them. The top management of AZIMUT Hotels has determined that this new concept will remain popular in the hotel market for the next 10 to 15 years. The specialists at AZIMUT Hotels came to this conclusion after analyzing the mid-price hotel segment in various countries and adapting standards from abroad to the Russian market.

In the near future AZIMUT Hotels plans to introduce the concept into the chain’s flagship hotels in Russia and Europe.