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AZIMUT Management

  • AZIMUT Hotels is one of the fastest growing privately-held hotel management companies in mid-market hospitality segment and the leading Russian hotel operator by number of rooms.
  • AZIMUT Hotels manages, leases, franchises and owns 25 hotels and about 8,000 guest rooms in  cities across Russia, Germany and Austria. AZIMUT Hotels has over a dozen hotel projects under development and is positioned to grow in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia markets where it has already established itself as a leading brand.
  • Positioned in the most dynamic segment of the hospitality industry for business, leisure and group travel AZIMUT Hotels provides a wide range of services which can be customized to the location, from rooms and restaurants to meeting and banquet facilities. AZIMUT Hotels is the answer to a growing demand by hotel owners for an uncomplicated, affordable and reliable — yet highly enjoyable modern and smart — hotel experience.
  • Fresh and innovative hotel concept that is global in outlook and local in operation, AZIMUT Hotels resonates strongly with guests seeking, upbeat and service-oriented experience.
Our company is the full range hotel operator and provides services to the owners of hotel facilities, including technical support services at the projecting, construction and reconstruction stages, pre-opening and management services for hotel complexes:

  • Launching of projects from the ground up; 
  • Renovation of the available rooms;
  • Conversion;
  • Professional management of the hotel facilities on basis of the international hospitality standards:
    • Management of rooms;
    • F&B management;
    • Management of conference facilities;
    • Management of all additional services of the facility;
    • Implementation of the unified standards;
    • HR – recruitment, development, training;
    • Maintenance of information technologies and operating systems;
    • Knowledge of the legal principles of hotel operations;
    • Rich experience operating in the European hotel services market
    • Successful experience in introducing western management techniques in Russia and progressive standards of operation of enterprises within the hotel industry
    • An international staff of professionals

  • Effective sales and marketing cooperation:
    • Wide geography of hotels location- perfect cross-selling opportunities;  
    • Representative offices in Russia and Europe;
    • E-commerce;
    • Own base of corporate and individual customers;
    • Active marketing support;
    • Loyalty program;
    • Partner programs with transportation companies (RZD, Aeroflot), banks and etc.

  • Optimization of operation costs due to the centralized service:
    • Centralized reservation center;
    • Centralized procurement, accounting, IT management;
    • A system of automation for reception services.

Latest openings and renovations

  • Ufa – renovation (2013)
  • Murmansk – opening (2014)
  • Saint-Petersburg – renovation (2014)
  • Vladivostok – opening (2015)
  • Voronezh – renovation (2014/2016)
  • Astrakhan – renovation (2016)


  • Moscow Smolenskaya (ex-Belgrad) – full renovation (2017)
  • Nizhniy Novgorod – renovation (2017)
  • Novosibirsk – renovation (2017)
  • Viena – renovation (2017)
  • Samara – renovation (2020)
We won't stop now. Moving forward, we rely on the standards which brought us to success! AZIMUT Hotels plans to open more hotels in Moscow, prominent regional centers, CIS and European countries.

Main directions of partnership

  • Ownership – since most of the venues currently belong to us (Investment Holding) we consider investment opportunities in Russia and abroad
  • Management – professional management is now the main focus of our interest and we are looking for new Management Agreements in Russian regions and CIS 

Hotel Management.  Cooperation stages

Decision making stage:

  • Appraisal of the object (applied to the current projects);
  • Development of the concept (rooms structure, meal, conferences, additional services);
  • Development of the primary zoning;
  • Calculation of the investment budget;
  • Calculation of the operation budget.

Technical assistance:

  • Transfer of technical standards to the owner of the object 
  • Supporting of  projecting, construction and equipping processes 

Opening of the object:

  • recruitment and training of staff for all departments
  • implementation and installation of Automatic Control System 
  • organization of management accounting in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI)  within the hotel operation.
  • advertising campaign 

Management of the hotel and brand support program:

  • Strategic and operational management of the object under the brand and in accordance with the AZIMUT Hotels standards. 
  • Annual quality control program and personnel efficiency upgrade program.

 Our strategic advantages:

  • We keep the stable competitive advantage maintaining the leading positions on the travel market of Russia and Western Europe. Our unique advantages are the geographical coverage, SMART service standards, implementation of the latest technologies, strong brand and professional marketing.
  • We extend our chain on the Russian market and we are always in search for opportunities on the market of Western Europe.  
  • We strengthen our competitive positions due to the identification of new demands and the implementation of new technologies in sphere of business travelling and touristic services. 

AZIMUT Hotels offers the partners the complex management of the object on basis of its main values and concentrates on the maximization of financial gains and stable development.