Beach AZIMUT Hotel Sochi ★★★

+3,3 °C13:40


The beach of the AZIMUT Hotel Sochi offers the following:

3 luxurious areas that are meant to satisfy the requirements of any hotel guest

  • 1. VIP area with rattan furniture and timber deck
  • 2. Aerarium with cozy shades
  • 3. Standard area offering comfortable sun loungers and sunshades
  • unspoilt beachfront and clean water
  • special area for children to dip and bathe
  • convenient descent into the sea
  • sliding boards for children: Dolphin and Wave
  • open and enclosed showers
  • comfortable changing rooms
  • first-aid station
  • professional lifeguards
  • open-air massage under the guidance of qualified specialists

Yachting Academy for fans of recreational activities:

  • jet skies
  • yachts
  • power boats
  • special gangway
  • diving
  • parasailing
  • 50% off the regular price in Sochi (only for AZIMUT Hotel guests)